Decorating your baby boy's or baby girl's nursery is certainly an exciting adventure. To go above and beyond, you can get a personalised art with your little angel's initial, name, date of birth or even quotes and pretty much anything you can think of to hang on the wall or put on a chest of drawers in the nursery. I was searching for the most interesting printables that caught my eye. There's so much to choose from - so I tried to find different styles and themes to show many possibilities that are out there and inspire you to look for even more. Only then you'll find the best art, that can be also personalised, for your nursery.

Find a curated selection of personalisable nursery printable wall art below.

Abstract wall art in neutral tones fits well in modern, as well as boho-inspired homes. The calming nature of a neutral colour palette can be combined with a range of art to create very unique wall art collections. Office and workspace can also benefit from abstract art that can provide high-end yet homely vibes.

Find a curated selection of neutral abstract printable wall art below.